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A new collaboration of Angata and Johanna Riethmueller. 

Presenting a downtempo, ethno - electronic track. An eight minutes journey of organic beat, modal violin sounds and fat bass, inside a 3D crunchy atmosphere.

Johanna Riethmueller - Tel Aviv based violin player, specialized in classic Arabic music. Born in 1988 in Hamburg, she studied classic western music from a young age but soon changed to other genres like Folk, Punk, Rock and Balkan music. For the last decade she has been studying Arabic and Middle Eastern music in several institutions in Jerusalem and Greece and is performing with a wide range of artists, ensembles in differing musical genres in Israel and the world.

Angata -  Synthesizers, keys, drums, balafons, percussions from all around, samples of rare vocals - all played live and produced by Omer Keinan & Itai Reznik.

They grew up together in Jerusalem, inspired by a variety of musical styles that shaped their current musical language. In the past few years, Angata expanded their horizons while exploring and studying in West-Africa, Europe, as well as the Academic world.

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