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ANGATA ft. Ben Aylon



Mbalax Rekk

Mbalax is a traditional dance and rhythm that comes from Senegal

This single is the essence of the ongoing journey between the African drums and Analog synths, traditional rhythms and dancefloor music.

The track preserves the raw sound of the Sabar drums (Senegal percussion) meeting the edgy melodies of the Moog synth, melted into a 4 on the floor hardcore beat.



Omer Keinan (Keys, Synths & Production) and Itai Reznik (sampler, Percussions & Balafon), are two childhood friends From Jerusalem, which started their musical journey together, inspired by Prog-Rock, Jazz and Fusion jazz.

At the age of 16, they established the first and only music center for youth in their neighborhood, in order to keep the kids out of the streets and into the music.

On the age of 22, both took the music in their life to the next level.

Omer went to “Rimon” - the institute of High Studies in Jazz  and studio production. He developed himself as a keyboardist among several bands, and started to produce other musicians in his studio. On those days he also got himself his first Synthesizer and discovered the Electronic world.

Itai Studied traditional Drums and xylophones in west Africa (Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Mali), with some of the great masters in this genre. Armed with new instruments, Itai moved to Berlin, Germany, and started to play with several bands, combining the traditional african influence with several music styles, from Fusion jazz, Psy-Rock and Electronic. 

During the last 5 years, Omer and Itai have been empowering their main Electronic project - ANGATA.

an Afro-Psychedelic creation, which connects between the Techno night clubs and the ancient Tribal ceremonies from west Africa. A unique combination of percussions, vocals, synths and modal harmonies.  


Ben Aylon is a one of the Unique drummers in the world music genre. 

He studied in Senegal and Gambia, embraced the traditional technique and instruments  and built his own way of performing and playing it, providing an extraordinary show. 

Ben has performed and recorded with many big artists in Israel and the world, including Doudou Ndiaya Rose, Bombino, Yossi Fine, Shalom Chanoch, Riff Cohen and more... 

Cover Credit: Jinn by Lital Dorchin

Ben Aylon Pic: Noam Chojnowski 

Angata Pic: Gaya Sun

Music: Angata & Ben Aylon

Mix: Angata

Mastering: Domestic

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Ben Aylon __ One Man Tribe Photo 2 (Cred
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