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DNA is an Israeli couple that creates electronic music which combines lyrics and tunes with beats and sounds.


Dana Berger is one of the main singer songwriters in Israel

She came to fame in the early 1990s releasing her debut album  Dana Berger.

Since then, she has released 10 albums, which among them is the widely popular album "Ad Ha'Katze" (Until the Edge), which was certified platinum and went on to sell over 80000  copies in Israel.


Adi Sharon is one of the top lighting designers in Israel, in the past 25 years.

Music came to his life at the age of 25 when he met his wife a well known musician and “dna” Co founder Dana Berger.

Adi goes by the alias “ADISH” and his music is all about experimenting with sound and manipulating it.


The two formed the duo “dna “ 2 years ago.

Since then they have been recording and experimenting in their home studio.

Angata & DNA met on a late night in one of Tel-Aviv's recording studios and started a collaboration around this ReMix. 

DNA pic by Daniel Kaminski

Angata pic by Yuv Cohen

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