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Synthesizers&keys, Balafons&Percussions Flutes&Brass, samplers&vocals, 

all played live and produced by Omer Keinan & Itai Reznik.

They grew up together ,since childhood,  inspired by a variety of musical styles that shaped their current musical language. In the past few years, Angata expanded their horizons while exploring and studying in West-Africa, Europe & America.

Angata presents a fresh sound of the Afro-DeepeHouse scene, sharing the love on every dance-floor. 


A partial list of Venues where angata performed lately:

Radio Venau (Panama), Ozora Festival, Hiltop Goa, Ephimera Tulum, and many more in Costa Rica, Mexico, 

Local Festivals and Venues at Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Germany and India 

Israeli biggest Festivals and Clubs (InDNegev, Yearot Menashe, Imagine, Midburn, Mama Africa Israel ,the Block, HaOman 17, Gagarin ect..


Booking : , +972504830009 (Itamar)

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