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Angata feat. Fanta Koné



Nabodayèra  means "be at peace" and refair to those who come to visit from far.

This is the greeting of the host at different kinds of occasions: ceremonies, concerts, gatherings etc.

the song mentiones a famous "Bwa" king called Bazani, who was truly one of a kind and respected by all communities. 
Fanta Kone is a Malian singer and a member of the group Bwazan (the Children of Bwa) led by Bassidi Kone .The powerful singing of Fanta was recorded in Bamako (capital of Mali) by Angata, during master classes with Bassidi Kone, Kalifa Kone & pettit Adama

We wish you all around the globe - be at peace.

Cover Credit: Shaked Keti Zahor

Fanta Koné Pic: Itai Reznik

Angata Pic: Yuval Cohen

Music: Angata & Fanta Koné

Mix: Angata

Mastering: Domestic

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